AC, Orange, California
"Prior to this photo shoot I had very little success with online dating, partially because I felt insecure and I don’t think I stand out very much with these dating apps. After hearing me talk about it Alysia stepped in to help me put together my dating profile by taking photos. Prior to the appointment date, I sent her some photos of the clothes I had and she arranged them into outfits for me. Alysia also asked me to pick some locations that I was comfortable with and she even went through the effort of scouting out the area before I even met up with her. On the day that we met up we walked around the area and we took photos in some areas that she thought were good backgrounds. She had me do some poses that were definitely new and a little uncomfortable to me. Even though I felt really uncomfortable with it, she was always positive and encouraging me to give it a try, so I definitely appreciated the positive attitude and it helped me get situated better. After our session, I promptly received the photos in a day with some editing done. When I saw them, I felt so much more confident with myself and I think it definitely showed when I started matching with people online. I would highly recommend her to anyone that is looking into online dating to have her help out."
MB, Studio City, California
"Like many guys out there, I struggled with online dating. Especially because I'm one of those people who just doesn't take many photos, this is very difficult in this day and age of online dating. In need of updated photos, I sought out help. Alysia, not only knows HOW to take photos but she also has a knack for UNDERSTANDING her subject and the dating scene. She's able to break the ice and gets to know the client to make them feel comfortable and natural (or as much as possible, I'm a pretty stoic person). She recommended outfits, color palettes, and types of photos that would be expressions of me. The result? I definitely noticed an uptick in "matches" across all the dating platforms I used. Women would comment them or the photo would help strike up some witty remark. Funny part was, all the photos getting noticed were also the ones Alysia recommended I use!"
AC, Glendale, California
Once upon a time when a man hit his 30s he realizes that selfies and pictures in the mirror are just not gonna cut it. Hi my name is Alex and this is my story. So I realized after getting into my 30s it’s pretty difficult to date especially online and especially with this whole pandemic going on. You know when your In your 20’s you find yourself in the club at bars at parties meeting a bunch of women but as you get older you realize that’s not where you really wanna meet somebody. Yeah it was fun and I have no regrets but you carry on a few habits. For instance taking pictures in the mirror or continuous selfie‘s and I realize that in your 30’s that’s not going to help me show who I truly am. When Alysia posted about her service on Instagram I was instantly intrigued and wanted to know more. After a few messages and setting up my appointment I was super happy and glad that I went forward with this. She set up a prime location and told me to bring my best outfits which I did. After friendly conversations and awkward moments during the photo shoot the results were phenomenal. She captured parts of me that I forgot existed bringing back my confidence as a man to go out into the world showing who I am. It’s funny because as a guy you don’t get too many complaints, but after these pictures I’ve been getting the attention that I’m worth. They say Picture is worth 1000 words. Well after these all those words were positive and confirming! Thank you Alysia for your time, skills and patience I definitely appreciate it and recommend you to all. Try it for yourself! It’s totally worth it!
WG, Glendora, California
As someone who never did myself justice with dating profile photos, I decided to leave the job in capable hands. Being photogenic is not one of my strengths, so I never did any photo shoots in the past. I heard about Alysia's photography service through a friend who vouched that it had helped with his success on dating apps, so I decided to contact her. Alysia was very kind to drive to my area for the shoot. In the time slot we had, she was able to guide me through my first photo shoot, finding my best angles, and scouting for the best back drops. She helped me get comfortable for my first time modeling a photo shoot and took amazing photos. She also has a fantastic ability to discover good back drops that could be used as background. A day later, I received the photos which I immediately took advantage of and used on my profiles. Needless to say, I received many compliments for the photos (credit should really go to Alysia) and my match rate increased significantly. I would highly recommend!
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